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AFL Season 2010. Show 2

The season has finally started.  Footy is officially back.  After a long summer of cricket, golf and an ordinary practice match schedule, we welcome WEB back to the mic to rant and rave about our pet hates including Fevalio, NUTS Riewoldt, Hawthorn and the AFL in general. It’s fantastic to be able to bring you […]

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Drafting a Solution

The furore surrounding the allegations of game-tanking and the pro’s/con’s of the priority pick in the AFL National Draft has caused Disco to rant on our weekly podcasts about this disgrace. However, rather than just rant, he has gone one step better and has developed a solution to the problem which will prevent teams playing […]

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Way off the Mark

What does Mike Sheahan from the ‘Bostonian’ think he is playing at. According to many, he is the most respected football jounalist in Melbourne – and some would consider in Australia. His piece in this mornings Herald-Sun titled ‘Don’t take physical contact out of game’, serves only to show that he either didn’t watch the […]



The AFL’s decision to endorse an Indigenous Team of the Century reeks of discrimination and is a kick in the teeth to the many members of different cultures, both Anglo-Saxon and others, who have helped make Australian Rules Football the greatest team-sport in the world since 1858. The Australian Football League would have us think […]

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W.A.D.A – Up In Smoke!

I have been accused of over-reacting in my scathing attack on the AFL and their unwillingness to fall into line with the World Anti-Doping Association’s drug code recently. It has been suggested that I am way out of line with the real world and that I should get off my soap box and accept life […]

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Hall of Shame

Hall of Shame! So Gary Ablett is to be inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame. Opinion becomes heated up on both sides of the argument and in all honesty there seems to be no right or wrong answer. I would like to voice my personal opinion and let you make your own minds up. […]

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Tiger’s Merchandising Fiasco

Tiger’s Merchandising Fiasco At the start of the 2004 season Richmond ceased their merchandising contract with Nike to sign exclusively with little known company. It quickly became apparent that a founding director of that company was a Tiger director. Immediately us members smelt a rat but were prepared to ‘give them a go’ as we […]

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Freo – 2005

Freo Journo The A.F.L is doing all it can to promote itself, and this idea of the rivalry round is not so much for the clubs, but for the football loving supporters. The clubs and players of all AFL clubs should be playing each week as though it were a rivalry round – hard, solid […]

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The Point of it All

The Point Of It All Many football supporters have found it difficult to comprehend the AFL’s selection of opponents in the Rivalry Round this weekend. Essendon and Hawthorn supporters have been as bemused by the schedule as supporters of many other clubs, however, a closer inspection of the events that have shaped the rivalry indicate […]