AFL Season 2013. Show 11

Round 9, 2013

Seriously, is the face of racism a 13 year old girl Adam?  Seriously???

It was a stupid comment, derogatory and certainly insulting but racist?  Give me a break!!!  If she had referred to you as a black ape, then yes it would be.  But the girl had no idea about your upbringing or your experiences and the socialisation process you underwent in Horsham.

In the same way, you have no idea about what she has been through in her life to get her to the point where she felt compelled to yell out a derogatory remark towards you

I would applaud Adam Goodes for his stance against racism IF it was real and not a contrived beat up over something so innocuous and the medja hype and over-reaction is simply out of this world.

As an update following the morning of the podcast, one has to wonder just how much of Broady boy is still inside Eddie McGuire.  His comments on MMM radio suggesting that Adam Goodes should come down to help promote the King Kong stage show are just WRONG and waaaayyyyyyyy more racist than anything the 13 year old girl said on Friday night.

McGuire was so sanctimonious in his criticisms and comments about stamping out racism in the aftermath of this incident, yet obviously had no care for Adam Goodes’ feelings when he let go with an absolute ripper on radio.

MMM should sanction him or even better, sack him in response.  McGuire, if he had any balls, would sanction himself!


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