AFL Season 2013. Show 13

When on earth will these morons get the scoring review system right???

It is a blight on the game that goals can be kicked but are given points.  It’s not just the review system – it is the guys on the ground who stand betwixt the 6.4’s and can’t get it right in the first place.  For crying out loud, the game is not that bloody hard.

The racism saga continues unabated, led by a Broady Boofhead who, even after achieving all there is to achieve in life, doesn’t understand the complexities of racism.  One ‘could’ accuse him of being a hypcrite given the vitriol spewed forth following the Swannie/Maggies game but we would not be that abrupt.

What happens when the medja commentators continue to get things oh-so-wrong.  There are only so many stations that you can switch off from.  And these are supposedly highly paid medja performers.  It is downright embarrassing.


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