Body Slam to the Sunday Footy Show.

Everyone knows that I love taking potshots at the industry that is  the Footy Medja.  How so many airheaded moron’s can actually get paid to report on the game we love is beyond me, but I guess it comes from having ‘mates’ in the industry.   Sadly for us, those with a valid point of view such as Polly and the rest of the team will never achieve true status as ‘doyens’ of the game.

I make mention of this because ANZAC Round has just come and gone.  Whilst the result is well known, and the how, where and why’s can be discussed ad nauseum on every TV show, radio show and newspaper, as well as countless online forums, one thing that no-one has yet made mention of yet is the shameful and embarrassing gaff that the presenters of the Sunday Footy Show exhibited during their prime Sunday TV spot last weekend. ( April 26th).

After discussing the game and all the permutations and combinations about the result, and gushing sickeningly about how important AFL footy is to help educate a new generation on the ANZAC’s and the spirit of ANZAC, and how many more people know about what happened at ANZAC Cove on 25 April 1915 because of this specific game between Essendon and Collingwood, I was absolutely appalled by MOST of the panelists on the Channel 9 Sunday Footy Show.

To his absolute credit, the big man from Geelong, Billy Brownless, made mention of recognising the efforts of the New Zealanders on this specific day as well.  After all, the New Zealand soldier is as big a part of the ANZAC tradition as is the Australian DIgger.

The response recieved was belittling not only to Bill Brownless but also the New Zealand heroes whose corpses littered the beaches at ANZAC Cove on that fateful day.

Brownless, trying to achieve some level of recognition for our trans-Tasman neighbours, made and effort to take the point further, asking the thought-provoking question to a fellow panelist. “Well, what does ANZAC stand for”.  Poor Shane Crawford looked at Bill with a mixture of confusion, contempt, and what can only be a vacant-stare before offering the following response.

“Oh..Come on Bill!!”

That’s bloody pathetic Crawford.  After hearing how much the ANZAC Day footy match has enabled a new generation of Australians to learn, understand and embrace the ANZAC traditions, this ignoramus obviously didn’t KNOW what ANZAC stands for.  (Australian (and) New Zealand Army Corps by the way).  It was a complete and utter insult to every serviceman  – ney, every clear thinking Australian and New Zealander that one of the medja’s favourite sons didn’t know the answer, especially after gushing on about how important it was and how much this game had contributed to our collective knowledge of the ANZAC traditions.

But it didn’t stop there.  Enter, stage right, Snagglepuss Brayshaw who proffered up this golden piece of information for Billy to digest.

“We don’t go to New Zealand Bill”.

Well, isn’t that just a kick in the teeth to every New Zealander who lives, works and loves in Australia, many of whom will have had ancestors or friends who have served in the NZ Army Corp and deserve their due recognition on this  – Australia’s proudest day.

Without the New Zealanders, the ANZAC tradition, and the Spirit of the ANZAC’s would never have been born, so I hope that the powers that be in Channel 9 do some ‘educating’ of their own and teach  these bozo’s what it means to be a/. respectful and b/. knowledgeable.

I found this whole episode to be quite distasteful and, Bill Brownless aside, the whole Channel 9 Sunday Footy Show panel should be sent back to school, should march in the dawn service next year and should basically grow a collective brain.

Bill, I don’t often agree with you on many things, but after this latest episode, you’ll do me mate. Well done.


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