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Situations Vacant?

Just who is to blame for the current plight of one Matthew Knights – the incumbent who sits in the director’s chair with “Coach” written on the back of it overlooking the Essendon Bowling Club at Windy Hill? Is it actually Matthew Knights who has been coaching for 3 years and has seen his young […]

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Is the AFL Fair Dinkum?

Seriously, what have we done as footy supporters to deserve the ridiculous Commission that is currently the custodian of what was once a great game? What crimes against humanity have we perpertrated as a group that gives Andrew Demetriou, Adrian Andersen and Mike Fitzpatrick at Head Office the unquestioned right to mess with OUR game? […]

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ANZAC DAY UPDATE One of our regular listeners, Molly, was incensed with my rants last year about the Hawthorn supporters and their behaviour during the ANZAC Round Ceremonies. He, like many other supporters out there, was not aware of the correct protocol during the ANZAC Ceremonies and has asked that I provide some details to […]

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OK, this little rant is going to sound like a broken record, especially for all those who have been with us since early on in the life of  It is  to do with Salary Cap Cheating I am sure that I have made my point clear on the Carlton issues time and time again […]

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Kennett off his head.

I have to say that even thought I am not a Hawthorn supporter, that I quite like Jeff Kennett and some of his opinions on the game.  I should reiterate that. I like SOME of his opinions on the game. His latest comments however deserve to be treated with the complete and utter contempt and […]


Footy is better than soccer because…

With all the hoo-hah going on at the moment about soccer wanting to take over Australian Sport and especially the rival footy codes if the FFA is lucky enough to ‘win’ the rights to host the 2018 or 2022 Soccer World Cup, I think that now is the time to begin the debate as to […]



As discussed on the most recent Podcast, has been inadvertently implicated in the no-story sex scandal to befall the VAFA Club XVIII’s competition.  I find the whole story to be complete and utter overkill to be perfectly honest and whilst we can appreciated the problems that some members of the community have an issue […]

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All the hoo-hah in the medja recently over the untimely (perhaps) sacking of Grant Thomas from SIN Radio has me in stitches.  It seems that Robbo from The Bostonian has the inside word because he was also asked to tone it down and be be quite delicate in his condemnation of the Umpriring, and of […]



OSMOSIS The biggest question in football is not who will win the premiership in 2009; it is not who will take Charlie home on the Monday night after the Prelim final; geez, it’s not even about when Patrick Smith will finally get off Carlton’s back about the salary cap cheating and subsequent fine that occured […]


Body Slam to the Sunday Footy Show.

Everyone knows that I love taking potshots at the industry that is  the Footy Medja.  How so many airheaded moron’s can actually get paid to report on the game we love is beyond me, but I guess it comes from having ‘mates’ in the industry.   Sadly for us, those with a valid point of view […]