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Boy of the Year 2006 – Clint Bartram

Here are all the updates of our inaugural Boy of The Year in 2006 – Clint Bartram. We will continue to work on posting all our old archives, posts, and podcasts in the coming weeks. BOY OF THE YEAR. Each week, we will follow the progress of young Melbourne draftee, Clint Bartram, as he strives […]

Boy Of The Year
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Ryan Harwood

Great to see some vision of our little Ranga BOTY on TV on Saturday night during the Melbourne game.  Unfortantely he wasn’t actually playing – he was just blowing kisses to his mum from the cheap seats in the bleaches at the G.  Still, we can report that his footy is coming along nicely. He […]

Boy Of The Year
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Introducing Ryan Harwood

It took a great deal of thought to choose a “Boy of the Year” for 2010 but we have finally settled on Ryan Harwood from the Brisbane Lions. We have been trying to choose kids who are picked at around 60 in the draft (where our inaugural BoTY Clint Bartram was chosen in 2006) and […]

Boy Of The Year
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Boy of the Year 2010.

After intense discussions about who we should choose as our Boy Of The Year for 2010, we have finally chosen Ryan Harwood from Brisbane as our project player this year. We decided to go with another interstater because it is harder to find information regarding the non-Victorian players and since we have already been to […]

Boy Of The Year

2009 Boy of The Year

As with the past few years, we have decided to follow the progress, trials and tribulations of a young draftee as he goes through his inaugural season in AFL Footy. In the past, we have chosen Clint Bartram in 2006, who has turned out to be our best BOTY and continues to make a great […]

Boy Of The Year