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Supercoach 2010. Preliminary Finals

So it all comes down to this.  The games to see who plays off in the GF’s have been won and more imporantly, lost, in the two Footytalk Supercoach Leagues for 2010. In the main Footytalk ELC League, Never Mind the Kits proved that winning form all year is great form and got over a […]

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Supercoach Finals 2010.

Week 1 – Elimination Finals Week 1 Finals have been won and lost and it seems that there are really only two main contenders and the rest of us have been posturing and jockeying for positions as the also-rans. Joost Gaack Wins has wiped the floor with the Juddernaught, and the old Ferret, Le Ferrey […]

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Supercoach 2010. Round 17

After a couple of close results in the penultimate round of Supercoach footy for 2010, the top 8 in both leagues is still open for all comers.. well it is open for some change at least. After knocking off the great Joost Gaack last week in Footytalk Too, NUTS took on the highly fancied “Never […]

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Supercoach. Rd 5, 2010

After losing one of the unbeaten teams last week – sorry Le Ferrey – the Juddernaught, Joost Gaack and Marty’s Boys continue to roll along with little to really trouble them.  This week sees two of the big guns up against each other in the “Jeff Kennett Format” where each team only plays each other […]

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Supercoach. Rd 4, 2010.

Results and ladders from both leagues for Round 3. Footytalk League Results Round 4 ROUND 7 RESULTS The gulls 2,190 def 1,873 Meercats noisy’s dream 1,866 def by 1,993 Juddernaught gonetocustard 1,556 def by 2,046 Outboard Motors Joost Gaak Wins 2,327 def 1,465 Milwaukee Beers Hammers 1,848 def by 2,121 Martwell’s Boys Le Ferrey 1,980 […]

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Supercoach Rd 6 2010

Ladders We have two footytalk leagues and I have been slightly remiss at not including all the details from both leagues up until now.  To those in the second league who have been asking where the results are  – I will make sure that I continue to put all the details up every week from […]

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Supercoach 2010. Round 2

Even though we have established that Supercoach is a farce and we at Footytalk Central in Studio 2 have little interest in it from now on, we will continue to bring you all the results for those who are interested. (No, it’s not just because the presenters are generally a bunch of no-hopers in Supercoach […]

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Supercoach Round 1. 2010

Here are the results for the first week of Supercoach.  Good wins to Joost Gaack, Juddernaught, Le Ferrey, Martwells Geezers the Gulls and Ben’s Outboard Motors without NUTS Revolt as well as The Fishboys, and of course NUTS snuck in for a well deserved and hard fought win.  Good work to the winners and losers […]

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Supercoach Finals 2009.

Congratulations to Bushman and Witz Wizards for a fantastic season.  All Supercoaches have a lot to learn from these two as they both play the game exceptionally well.  we will have to delve into their secrets during the summer months to find out just what makes a great Supercoach. Well done to all players in […]

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Round 18, 2009

The race is run and the finals are upon us.  There have been a lot of close quality games in Supercoach this year, however some of our most-loved coaches such as Le Ferrey have been sadly missing. Maybe next year Leffers.  Well done to everyone who participated throughout the year and good luck with the […]