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Supercoach 2009. Round 9.

Some interesting results this week, notwithstanding the Fu Men who crashed to their 10th placed rivals this week.  Unfortunately, that happend when your skipper gets a knock to his knee in the first few minutes and goes off without scoring a point.  Shame.  The Wizards continue to score heavily but the draw a few weeks […]

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Supercoach – Round 7 2009

Seems like The Explosion has taken a nose-dive in the three Supercoach.  Must like his real team in the big league, he is a perennial loser and whilst full of promise at the start of the season, the cold, dreary Melbourne winter is effecting his ability to get the ball. Here are the latest results. […]

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Supercoach Round 5

A very close loss against a fellow Staff member sees me back in the pack again.  Who would have thought that Jack Grimes would have been the magic pill to get the most astute coach in Supercoach history over the line when my bunch of spasticated brollie-bearers would fail to kick a score.  Goodbye […]

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Supercoach 2009 – Round 4

Here are the latest results from our associated Supercoach Leagues for 2009. Sadly, NUTS got over-run by Sheedy’s mob by the nearly barest of margins, and even worse, got beaten again in the Jezza League.  It will be a struggle to sneak into the 8 in a pretty high scoring league.  The emptation is to […]

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Supercoach Leagues – Round 3

Some big upsets in the local grudge matches in Supercoach this week. The clash of the titans in the Footytalk League saw Auction get a heads up on his fiercest opponent  – Homer’s Choice (who managed the lowest score ever in the history of Supercoach, Dreamteam OR Fantasy Footy.  Good work Homer). Petho’s Pirates […]

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Supercoach 2009: Round 2

Here are the results from this weeks Supercoach. Good to see N.U.T.S has had a few wins although still hasn’t cracked it in the Public League.  Another quality win over Ang’s Hooligans in the main league though, and even further proof that he knows nothing about footy when he is sitting 3rd in the […]

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Supercoach – Round 1

Here are the results of our Supercoach Leagues for 2009. Congratulations to all the winners and suck eggs to the losers.  But thankfully for NUTS it is a long season and hopefully the bunch of second-rate rapo’s up forward can manage to kick a few scores in the near future or it is bohh boohhhhhh…!! […]