Channel 10 – Very ordinary

A huge thumbs down to Channel 10 news on Thursday 25th March for it’s completely inappropriate use of the image/vision of Nathan Lovett-Murray whilst talking again about the Andrew Lovett case.  Apart from getting the wrong bloke (can’t be that hard surely – they don’t look anything like each other), they have completely embarrassed and humiliated NLM because of their shoddy research and someone should BE SACKED!

Whilst it is not enough to take away from the humiliation NLM (and by association his friends and family) may well have experienced ast seeing his face plastered all over an inappropriate story, at least Channel 10 News had the good grace to apologise for this stuff up on Friday’s 5.00pm news service but it is not good enough.

Much like implicating Footytalk’s best in the scandal that rocked the V.A.F.A Club XVIII last year.

In The Medja

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