Explosive Rant 3 – ANZAC DAY

THE most important day in the Australian calendar. More important than Christmas Day, Easter Sunday or Australia Day.

This weeks rant feasts upon the slow degradation of this sacred day within our society, and within the footballing fraternity.

Without giving a history lesson on the ANZAC’s, I get stuck into the
Hawthorn Football Club, and also the morons who like to denigrate the
memory of our ‘Diggers’ just to hear the sound of their own voices. GET A LIFE you morons

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Totally missed the mark on this one dude! Honest mistake. Have you joined a media organisation? Lets point out your mistakes:
1) It wasn’t at all during the minutes silence!

2) There was plenty there (myself included) that aren’t fully aware of
the once a year ritual and thought that after the Digg holding the
cermony says ‘lest we forget’ I thought that was it.

3) There is no evidence, in fact quite the oppersite, that they did it
on purpose. In fact if you have a good look you can see that they
stuffed up and in fact, joint the line again as soon as they relised
there stuff up. If they had no respect for the occasion and moved off
on purpose, why would they bother joining the line again?

4) Why wouldn’t you comment on a big frack up like how on SEN when they are covering the ANZAC day VFL game, The Ox, talks all the way through the minutes silence explaining crap like how many people are at the ground.
Due, its sad when you turn into the thing you hate/dislike and dude,
this seems like something I would expect from The Age or Herald Sun or
worst, Patrick Smith and KB.

Comment by Phillip Molly Malone – April 26, 2006

Four words mate: ‘They’re not gods!’.
There is actually quite a glaring inaccuracy in your explosive rant,
and that is the Hawthorn players walked off their line after the 1
minute (well, 32 second) silence. That is, after the poem and the last
call (both of which are as you said extremely moving pieces) and after
the words ‘Lest we forget’.

Now perhaps you have been to many
remembrance services, but I haven’t, being brought up by pacifist
parents. While I think the remembrance of the tragedy of the loss of
those young lives in war (the value of the loss is certainly debatable:
for instance Gallipoli did more to keep Turks free than Aussies) is
commendable, I am not comfortable with the implicit support of military
action, but in any case that is a personal issue, and if present I
would respect the ritual and remain silent during the silence (I fully
agree with your rant against the idiots who felt obliged to ruin it by
shouting rubbish).

But I was not fully aware of the particulars of the
ritual, and was unaware that after the poem, the last call, the
silence, and the ‘Lest we forget’, that there is the further component
of the singing of the national anthem and the raising of the flag to
half mast (possibly you can throw me into the sin bin as well after
that admission). I think really the blame of the really quite small
mistake should be placed at the feet of the Hawthorn or AFL management.

In a public spectacle like that the participants, in this case the
players, should have been made aware, clearly, before hand of the
procedure. This I think was probably not done, and I guess those
players won’t make that mistake next year.

Further comment: I need to state my allegiances. I am a Hawthorn
supporter (further evidence to dismiss my retort, but also this meant
that I saw the incident, because being in Lichtenstein I don’t go out
of my way to acquire the games of other teams) but I am also a one-eyed footytalk.com.au supporter, and find it the best place on the internet (including free-to-air streaming radio from Australia) for comment on football matters.

And lastly Explosion, I found the image of you sitting down with a
stopwatch timing all the 1 minute silences quite amusing. From your
reckoning, and given that all 8 games observed the 32 second silence,
you had over 4 minutes of almost complete silence. Surely that will do
you. Please excuse the flippancy of this last comment as I also agree
that a minute’s silence should be just that.

Grasshopper you must learn compassion for an honest mistake, Zenmaster Fu

Comment by Anonymous – April 27, 2006

Explosive Rants

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