Footy is better than soccer because…

With all the hoo-hah going on at the moment about soccer wanting to take over Australian Sport and especially the rival footy codes if the FFA is lucky enough to ‘win’ the rights to host the 2018 or 2022 Soccer World Cup, I think that now is the time to begin the debate as to what should happen if Australia is granted the World Cup.  I have LOTS of thoughts and ideas on that, and anyone who has listened to our podcast over the past 5 years will know where I am coming from before I even start.

However, that is the topic for another rant.

I would LOVE to know what your thoughts are on why Footy is better than soccer so feel free to join up and join in the fun with your own ideas.  They can be serious, funny, abusive (just don’t swear because we have mums and young-uns all over the world reading this site)

I guess I should go first.

Footy is better than soccer because….

The Italians don’t play footy!  (Although we do have a lot of divers such as He Who Shall Not be Named)

Anyone can kick a round ball – only truly skilled players can kick a footy.

Footy doesn’t have  – Flares!!

– Bricks!!

– Brazilian crowd violence  – need I say more?

– Italian crowd violence – need I say more?

– Eric Cantona.  (But then again we did have Scott Russell so touche)

You can use your hands.

Footy players take hangs. – BOSUSTOW!!!!  JEZZA.   AABBBLLEETTTTTT.  BURTON!!!

Rumours of FIFA-based corruption

Carlton and Collingwood no longer play soccer.

Footy is always just footy.  Soccer tries to tell us it is football, but half the world calls it soccer. ( Identity crisis methinks).  As an aside, in order to answer those cretins who try to tell me that soccer is an American term, may I politely inform you that it is actually a British term that refers to an abbreviation of the word ‘Association’ which the Poms used to refer to when they mentioned the Football Association’ in the 20’s-50’s.

Girls are allowed at footy matches.

Footy owns the MCG (and Docklands Stadium as well)

I will be coming up with a lot more but feel free to join the site and leave your own comments.


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