Gollum’s Spin

Where did Jeff ‘Gollum’ Gieschen learn his maths.  Probably from a poor relation of Gerald Parker who was my Year 12 Maths teacher all those years ago.  Perhaps his abacus is broken, or the solar power cells in his calculator have run out of juice because from my calculations, there is no way in hell that the apparent 1557 umpies bounces is the number to be considered when they talk about how bad the Umps bouncing actually is.

Going by the stats that count – ie – goals kicked, there have been 1072 goals kicked in the first 5 rounds.  Add to that the 4 bounces to start each quarter, and you end up with a total of 1232.  Given that some goals were kicked after a siren and didn’t require a bounce, the total of around 1225 would be closer than Gollum’s 1557.

To come out and say that there has been 1% of errant bounces recalled is misleading at best, and bordering on a lie because the maths just don’t add up.

Of course, Gollum may be counting the ‘around the ground’ bounces that occur after a scrimmage but these cannot be taken into account simply because the umpire does not have the ability to recall them because our umpies do not have their precious 10m circle to guide their decision on how bad their bounce actually was.  Even though the rule doesn’t state that the ball has to go out of the lines, it is considered a guide more than anything else.

So, in essence, there have been 40 out of 1230 bounces recalled which is still only 3%, which is still pretty bloody good anyway.

KEEP THE BOUNCE. – just don’t let Mark Fraser anywhere near it, or I will have to do another video.


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