As discussed on the most recent Podcast, has been inadvertently implicated in the no-story sex scandal to befall the VAFA Club XVIII’s competition.  I find the whole story to be complete and utter overkill to be perfectly honest and whilst we can appreciated the problems that some members of the community have an issue with women and the lack of respect shown to females in our society, this is a story that should just not have been told.

Firstly, when the incident occurred in early May, it was considered so serious that it generated about an inch worth of column space in the Bostonian – a giggle piece more than anything else.  Now, two weeks later, it has somehow become a sordid crime almost akin to Schappelle Corby’s jailing than a bit of harmless ‘fun’ that backfired on a social football club.

Why should we be so annoyed with this story.  The reasons are many and varied but in essence, the story is completely out of focus, and many more people have been falsely implicated through shoddy journalism than should have been.  They have had their own nature and exemplary character called into question through the actions of lazy journalists who again, much like Mark Robinson, have cared little for the truth in search of sensationalist headlines.

Firstly, the club in question was the Prahran Football Club Club XVIII’s which, while being a small part of the Prahran Football Club proper, has very little to do with the club.  And yet, the difference between the Senior Club, and the social club aspect of the Club was never really explained.  Ergo, the Prahran Footy Club proper was falsely implicated in this drama when this situation occurred without the club proper knowing or authorising it.  Pathetic.  But of course, it would take far too long for any journalist to actually explain this properly would it.  And it wouldn’t be as newsworthy!  (Geez it must have been a slow news day).

Following this is of course the news vision used on Channel 10 which has implicated every single Prahran player as being a smut-driven porn-merchant through being guilty by association.  Plastering vision of the Club 18’s coach and some team members on the news is bad enough, and as a result, every member of the Club 18’s has been falsely accused of something that they had no control over.

Channel 10, taking things a step further, have chosen to use the headline picture of the Prahran Football Club website in its feature story – condemning every person pictured therein to a reputation of being involved in the practice of employing strippers before a game.  In fact, every player pictured has has his reputation sullied by the over-exhuberant attempt to condemn a club and again, no-one is held accountable for this.  Surely there is a law against the use of images like this.  Where is Slater and Gordon??  I can feel a lawsuit coming on!!

Now, let’s get to the issue at hand, and this will cause a lot of consternation within the women’s groups reading.

Really, it is all a bit of overkill isn’t it.  The argument about using women as sex objects.  News flash!!  Men are treated like sex objects by women in similar ways. Do you all forget the Cleo Pin Up’s from years gone by? What about the Bachelor of the Year award?  What about the Men for All Seasons Calendar?  Are we being told that women do not have sexual thoughts, desires or feelings?  To draw that sort of tenuous link is of course going too far but for interest groups to go off their collective nut about how this sort of prank shows how little respect men have for women is just going too far as well.

Do these ‘interest groups’ actually realise that women who follow this specific career path are aware of their own sexuality, and are also aware of their ability to control stupid, vulnerable men just by flashing a bit of flesh?  These girls are intelligent, sensible women because they understand their power, and they use to tease, tempt and entice men to rid themselves of their cash for a few minutes of visual tease and a false promise of something more.  And these women understand that men are generally susceptible to a beautiful woman, and will readily part with more and more money just for a tease.

The question begs as to just who has the power in this relationship.  Is it the man who provides the market for ‘dancers’ or is it the intelligent woman who is able to manipulate that specific market for her own means for her own benefit. There is no contest in this question and to me, the answer is obvious.

For the Prahran Club XVIII footballers, I would suggest that it was a stupid stunt and completely inappropriate, yet the furore surrounding it is completely misplaced and irrelevant.  It’s a non-story so whoever the so-called journo was that wrote this, you should take a good hard look at yourself and really, work hard to justify your position instead of relying on the old adage that ‘sex sells’ in order to earn a buck.!

As for channel 10 and it’s news report – you people need a good hard look at yourselves over the so-called ‘quality’ of your reporting.  And if anyone DOES know the law in regards to inappropriate use of images and vision without prior agreement, we would love to hear about it.

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