Kennett off his head.

I have to say that even thought I am not a Hawthorn supporter, that I quite like Jeff Kennett and some of his opinions on the game.  I should reiterate that. I like SOME of his opinions on the game.

His latest comments however deserve to be treated with the complete and utter contempt and derision that they deserve.

Kennett has recently stated that he feels the AFL Season should be reduced to 17 matches.

Now, lest I be accused of taking things out of context myself, you are all more than welcome to read the plethora of news reports on the topic online.

Kennett”s reasoning is sound.  A reduced season would mean less stress on the players and a more even competition in terms of the draw, given that each team only plays each other once.  What could be so wrong about that?

It fails on all sorts of levels Jeff.   Firstly, as a Club President, you would be more than well aware of the huge amount of TV dollars that have been spent already, and will continue to be spent in the future to ensure that the TV stations (and to a lesser extent the radio stations) fill their collective coffers with adverstising revenue from the game.

Because there is already a commitment from TV to telecast 8 games per week, can you see it going backwards?  Can you see the AFL refunding any money? OK… I hear you argue, what about when the current TV deal is finished and a new one is being tendered for.

Given that the AFL wants more money for its product, it would be ridiculous to think that any owner of a TV station is going to agree to pay out more money for a product that barely lets them break even for less games.   More money for less games.  Yes, that makes perfect sense.!! NOT!

In addition to this is the expectation and right that we, the footballing public have to watch our footy and get our fill of it.  Because of the amount of money in the game already, less games would mean the cost of us  going to the football would skyrocket exponentially.  Is Mr. Kennett going to shell out for the shortfall from his own pocket?   Less footy means a huge increase in the cost of going, the cost of food (how can it get any higher) and the cost of memberships.  We don’t have that much money Jeff.

And finally, the affect this would have on sponsors. Clubs cannot survive without sponsors, and less footy would mean less sponsorship money, ergo the cost passed on to the consumers would skyrocket.  After all, you can’t imagine the players wanting to play for less can you?

Lets have MORE footy and keep us satisfied.


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