Learn Your F%*$%^& Rules!

When the hell are these multi-coloured cretins going to learn the rules of Australian Rules Football.

I will include a link to the 2008 Laws of Australian Football so they can read the damn things because plainly, the pathetic and over-officious techical bullsh*t that these morons exhibited on the weekend was enough to drive a man to drinking, smoking and prescription drugs of very low quality.

David Hille was unlucky to be reported for what was essentially an unfortunate bump.  He kept his elbow tucked in when Robinson tried to duck under him to move in towards goal and was unfortunate to collect him in the head.  Free kick  – yes.  A report..  you have to be bloody kidding.

Then.. the follow up.  Seeing David Hille move towards Hampson and purposely headbutt Hampson right in front of Umpire 28   – NO NAMES! only to see Hille p*ssing himself laughing as he ran back to the centre circle as the recipient of a free kick.  Fair dinkum  – how the hell can that happen?  Hill initiated the contact with his head and if anything, should have been reported for a headbutt.  The umpire’s response to the cries of the Carlton players was that it didn’t matter if Hille initiated the contact…..he was still contacted high.  SACK that MORON immediately.

Add to these the ridiculous free kicks given for minor and on some occasions even no contact over the weekend.  I am sure you can remember some that caused you distress as you watched your team.  I know I was very distressed.  Shepherds off the ball, prohibited contact when some player lightly jabbed a forearm at an opponests biceps.  FFS.. what the hell sort of a game are we playing?  It’s not bloody footy I can guarantee you that.

Another rule that the Umpires so obviously don’t know… or they corruptly tried to stage manage the game with concerns a player running through the mark.

16.1.2 Protected Area
The Protected Area is a corridor which extends from 5 metres either side of the mark to 5 metres either side of, and a 5-metre radius behind, the Player with the football, as illustrated in Diagram 2. No Player shall enter and remain in the Protected Area unless the field Umpire calls “Play On” or the Player is accompanying or following within 5 metres of his or her opponent.

Read that phrase in bold you morons.  Following your opponent does not constitute a 50 m penalty.  How on earth can they NOT know this.  The question begs……

Speaking of 50m penalties.  Since when is shaking your finger in disagreement with a ridiculous decision worth a 50m penalty.  Adam Goodes, we feel your pain at Footytalk Central.  The umpies are too damn frigging precious – worse that frigging Gollum with the Ring of Power and it is ruining the game – not making it any better.  Geez you coloured cretins, grow up and umpire the game to the spirit of the game, not because you feel the need to take any smallest slight against your decision as a personal affront.

YOU people are ruining the sport we love, and Jeff Geischen and his bosses (aka AD and AA) are responsible.   Start umpiring to the spirit of the game because there are a lot more things riding on the outcome of a game of footy rather than your precious egos!

Goal umpiring!

Forgetting the gender of some of our more reputable goal umpires, there were a number of glaring errors that goal umps made over the weekend which could have had such a startling effect on those teams who were the recipients of the negative decision.

Jarrad Waite, Jay Neagle and Matthew Stokes all kicked goals that were obvious goals – obvious to EVERYONE who was watching either at the ground or on TV and these buffoons were ‘unable to see’.  Fair dinkum.  All three of them should be sent back to Upacumbuktah West for an eternity as these sorts of decisions are ludicrous.  Get it right or p*ss off.

I am getting sick of the gross incompetence of some umpires, and if people try to tell me that it is not gross incompetence, then there is only one other thing that it could possibly be.

Sort that one out for yourselves.


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