Reality Ladder – Round 7 2010.

We hconave promised in the past to detail the exact Key Competitive Criteria that The Reality Ladder measures so that you have a lot more information with which to judge the accuracy of the Ladder.

The 10 main Key Competitive Criteria that we measure are as follows.

1/. Disposals/goal

2/.  Effective Possessions

3/. Inside 50’s

4/. 1 %’s

5/. Contested Possessions

6/. Clearances

7/. Contested Marks

8/. Score

9/. Effective Tackles

10/. Conversion Rates inside 50.

Because these are the main 10 measures we feel are an important measure of a team’s effectiveness and competitiveness, we decided to measure them in preference to other stat’s that are measured each week by the various statisticians that measure AFL Footy.

Not only do we measure a team’s actual KCC for, but we also measure each teams KCC against them as well.  The beauty of the Reality Ladder is that it takes into account all the games played througout the year, so that a game that was played in Round 2 will have an effect on the Reality Score in Round 15.    Every game played will have an effect on every other game throughout the season.

We have promised in the past to provide the reality scores in each game from now on, so please read below for those results.

Melb v Footscray
10.98 9.9
West Coast v Hawthorn
11.18 9.1
Ess v Port
10.16 9.96
Collingwood v North
11.91 9.17
Fremantle v Brisbane
12.10 8.67
Geelong v Sydney
14.16 7.65
Adelaide v Richmond
13.42 8.05
Carlton v St. Kilda
14.29 7.39

Here is the updated Reality Ladder for Round 7.

Club Pts For Pts Ag % Reality Score
1 Fremantle 85.068 62.906 130.2 1.726
2 Sydney 81.361 67.018 124 1.445
3 St. Kilda 81.938 69.665 117.8 1.369
4 Geelong 93.690 61.240 145.3 1.307
5 Carlton 83.202 67.437 117.8 1.295
6 Footscray 82.270 76.900 114.6 1.178
7 Collingwood 83.062 67.680 146.4 1.131
8 Melbourne 78.530 68.555 106.2 1.109
9 Brisbane 70.753 75.781 102.6 1.016
10 Port 69.428 77.148 89.5 0.856
11 Hawthorn 61.691 88.965 85.8 0.852
12 Essendon 72.903 76.699 85.4 0.841
13 North 71.513 79.352 78.1 0.769
14 West Coast 65.290 81.880 83.4 0.697
15 Adelaide 65.240 84.310 72.3 0.544
16 Richmond 53.159 103.038 49.5 0.378

Even with a huge thumping win over Carlton in Round 7, Collingwood is still languishing in 7th spot.  This seems to fly in the face of their position on the real AFL ladder, however this is exactly what the Reality Ladder is designed to show.

Collingwood’s contested possessions and clearances are not as high as you would expect due to the game plan they have implemented.  Perhaps the stats should start tabulating the actual clearances from packs, instead of just from stoppages.  Collingwood are fantastic in the clinches in getting the ball out of a pack and handballing or knocking the ball forward to one of the outriders, then moving it quickly to another of the receivers out wider or runners from the back.    The Caringbush’s scores in the KCC’s are not as high as you expect for a team that has won its last few games very easily, and who have a fantastic percentage.

In the past versions of the Reality Ladder, we had used each teams percentage IN the calculations and have decided that doing so gives a false impression of the Reality Score, and basically mirrors the AFL Ladder so we have kept them out from now on.

Reality Ladder

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