All the hoo-hah in the medja recently over the untimely (perhaps) sacking of Grant Thomas from SIN Radio has me in stitches.  It seems that Robbo from The Bostonian has the inside word because he was also asked to tone it down and be be quite delicate in his condemnation of the Umpriring, and of the AFL itself.

GOM (Good Ole’ Mike)  also has the inside scoop apparently and suggests that all is not as has been explained by SIN Management.

The official reason for Grant Thomas’ departure coming from SIN Radio is a financial decision – I just can’t believe that these so-called ‘learned experts’ can argue with that reasoning given from SIN Management.

Of course it is a financial decision.  But that is not to say that the AFL may not have had a hand in it through sheer subterfuge!

One simply needs to look at what the FINANCIAL implications were for SIN Radio NOT to sack Grant Thomas.

Firstly, the AFL get a LOT of money from the station through its broadcasting rights.  Secondly, to have a employee of the station continually denigrate the competition and its white custodians is a conflict of interest when the AFL gives so much more back to the station in terms of revenue, providing a steady and important advertising stream during footy season both of the game, brand, and organisation itself, but also through other equally important advertisers wanting to market their product and services during the footy.

For the AFL to have to hear someone like Grant Thomas continually make derogatory remarks about the brand and the umpires would understandably leave them incensed – but in order to save their pride, perhaps the big stick WAS waved throughout the the headquarters at Docklands Stadium (cum-Etihad-cum-Telstra-cum-Colonial-cum-Footscray Railyards).  Perhaps there WAS a no-so-veiled threat to get rid of the antagonist or SIN would lose their broadcast rights and effectively would consign SIN to the AM scraphead like its predecessors in 3KZ, 3MP, 3 DB and 3XY.

Gee, take away the footy and what is SEN left with??  Much like it was for the first few years of existence, it will be a shanty town with the odd tumbleweed whistling mournfully through the corridors as the highly paid presenters desert the place in their droves.  Without footy, the revenue from advertising would effectively dry up as there would be no product that brings the listeners in en masse (and Sniff and Stiff can only afford to advertise so many times in an hour).

Make no mistake people.  This sacking was a financial decision.  But just who is driving it is the biggest question.


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