OK, this little rant is going to sound like a broken record, especially for all those who have been with us since early on in the life of  It is  to do with Salary Cap Cheating

I am sure that I have made my point clear on the Carlton issues time and time again – the last being in relation to the revelations that there are 114 current players who are currently receiving money from third party agreements OUTSIDE the salary cap.  For those opposition supporters whingeing and whining about the Judd/Visy Deal, pull your heads in and look at who at your own club is receiving third party deals.  OK..enough said on that score.

What I need to comment about is the current plight of the Melbourne Storm and it’s Salary Cap Issues in relation to ONE MAN.

We all know his name by now. The apparent architect of systematic salary cap cheating by the Melbourne Storm. At this stage, without the burden of proof, we cannot come out and blatantly say that he is guilty of it but once the evidence is produced and provided to the general public via the medja, we can all make up our minds in due course.

There are some severe implications of this type of behaviour that have not yet been felt in the AFL.  We all know that Carlton was fined heavily and stripped of draft picks; we all know that Melbourne was also fined heavily and we all know that Essendon was fined and stripped of pre-season picks all in the past.

Hell, if you have been listening to our podcasts and reading the news over the past 6 years, you will also know that Essendon was found guilty of salary cap cheating with the .com issues surrounding James Hird and Matthew Lloyd.  You will know that Ron Evans slapped them with a wet lettuce leaf to the tune of $80G’s when this all occurred AFTER the Carlton fines were handed out.

Demetriou has egg on his face this week when he stated in an article by Will Brodie at the Sydney Morning Herald,

“Post Carlton all of our clubs have been put on notice and all of our clubs understand fully that if they go down the track of trying to rort the salary cap, the consequences are massive.

“The Carlton decision sent a strong, clear message to our clubs. Thankfully, we believe the clubs have been adhering to the salary cap.”

Demetriou was caught out by those of us who remember.  We are not fools.  The Essendon domain name farce occurred AFTER November 22nd, 2002 and you did not deal with it effectively for a team that was a systematic and elaborate salary cap cheat.

You will know  that I am ropeable over the inconsistent and preferential treatment handed out  to the redback Bombre’s by its former CEO (and alledged principal of rorts) Ron Evans.  You can acuse me of having sour grapes and you would be right.

The AFL did not sit down and attend to publically trasparent due diligence at the time and investigate EVERY club thoroughly after Black Saturday – which is something that Andrew Demetriou at the time indicated they would do.  It relied on the punishment dished out to Carlton to ensure that no other club would start to cheat the system.  What about those clubs that were already engaged in shady practices Andrew, and that you conveniently forgot to investigate?

Whilst I have no proof of this, all I can go on is industry gossip, and now that the Melbourne Storm, and its former CEO has been publically identified as the alledged architect of the systematic and long-term cheating, it is impingent on the AFL to backtrack and THOROUGHLY look at what Mr. Waldron was doing at both Richmond, and more importantly at St. Kilda during his stint sat both those clubs.  Does anyone think that Mr. Waldron just suddenly found a way to beat the system when he went to The Storm?  Seriously… does anyone??

In fact, the AFL now has a responsibility to go back through EVERY club, this time thoroughly, to ensure that the values it held in such high esteem on Friday 22nd November 2002 were being followed by all of the other 15 clubs, and have continued to be adhered to.

St. Kilda has welcomed any probe into it’s affairs.  All I can say is that Waldron apparently managed to bury his rorting from the NRL Auditor’s so well and so deeply that even an investigation by the AFL will likely unearth nothing.  The only person who will allow Ken Wood get to the honest truth (and there may be nothing to hide) is Brian Waldron.  What happens from here remains to be seen, but where there is smoke, there is generally fire.

Watch this space.


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