Supercoach 2010. Preliminary Finals

So it all comes down to this.  The games to see who plays off in the GF’s have been won and more imporantly, lost, in the two Footytalk Supercoach Leagues for 2010.

In the main Footytalk ELC League, Never Mind the Kits proved that winning form all year is great form and got over a tenacious Reverse Kanga’s in a spiteful and hateful match where the Kanga’s full back actually threatened to treat his opponenent to a ‘Reverse Kanga’ after he had his 8th kicked on him.  For those who don’t understand the term’ reverse kanga’, I suggest you do a rural dictionary search for it.  EEWWWW!  Xplozn!!!!

So The Kits move into the Grand Final against an unlikely opponent in the No Stars who suprised everyone with a huge upset win over the highly fancied Witz Wizards.  Coach Adrian will be understandably seething over the performance of his charges, especially against his most hated opponenent and traditional rivals from the No Stars, and especially coach Moles!  Well done Moles, for overcoming bad injury, bad luck and poor coaching throughout the year (especially against NUTS) to make the GF.

I can only imagine that the crafty Moles has two trades up his sleeve and will pull out some big guns to really take it up to the Kits and I am tipping an upset win to  the No Stars.

In the ELC Minor Final, I would expect Rooboy to thump NUTS who have again shown they are entirely Not Up To Scratch!

The Footytalk Too League as been a race in two for most of the year… well it has really been a race in two for second place as Joost Gaack has waltzed his way through the year losing only one game courtesy of Essendon playing Marc The Crap into form when he booted 12.  Le Ferrey, however, are a crafty outfit and will not lie down when the heat is on unlike The Gulls in the Prelim.    Le Ferrey thumped an out-of-sorts Juddernaught, who like their namesake, just couldn’t seem to get near it or hit a target by foot when they did.  Pathetic on both counts.

I am tipping an upset and expect Liam to lead his boys to a 10 point victory in a tight match.

The minor final should see Footytalk’s own Moose get over the top of Noisy’s dream to consign the latter to the boardroom over summer to maximise his trade capacities.

FOOTYTALK Too – Season 2010 League Finals
WEEK 1 (Round 19) WEEK 2 (Round 20) WEEK 3 (Round 21) WEEK 4 (Round 22)
1st Qualifying Final 1st Semi Final 1st Prelim. Final Grand Final
1 Joost Gaak Wins 2,190 Juddernaught 2,187 Joost Gaak Wins 2,358 Joost Gaak Wins 0
4 Juddernaught 1,784 The Fishboys 2,164 The gulls 2,118 Le Ferrey 0
1st Elimination Final 2nd Semi Final 2nd Prelim. Final
5 The Fishboys 1,841 N.U.T.S 2,173 Le Ferrey 2,068
8 Outboard Motors 1,663 The gulls 2,372 Juddernaught 1,861
2nd Elimination Final
6 Martwell’s Boys 1,772
7 The gulls 2,117
2nd Qualifying Final
2 Le Ferrey 2,117
3 N.U.T.S 1,732
Footytalk Too – Minor Premiership
WEEK 1 (Round 19) WEEK 2 (Round 20) WEEK 3 (Round 21) WEEK 4 (Round 22)
1st Qualifying Final 1st Semi Final 1st Prelim. Final Minor Final
9 Meercats 1,847 Meercats 1,740 gonetocustard 1,712 gonetocustard 0
12 gonetocustard 2,067 Auction 1,692 Michael’s Warriors 1,651 noisy’s dream 0
1st Elimination Final 2nd Semi Final 2nd Prelim. Final
13 Noonday Taster 1,334 Michael’s Warriors 1,942 noisy’s dream 1,909
16 Auction 1,656 Hammers 1,497 Meercats 1,402
2nd Elimination Final
14 Hammers 1,427
15 Milwaukee Beers 1,286
2nd Qualifying Final
10 Michael’s Warriors 1,791
11 noisy’s dream 1,867

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