Umpy abuse 1

I really have to abuse the umpiring fraternity over at the Essendon/Port Adelaide game.

Now anyone who knows me knows that I have very little affinity for the Bombre’s but fair dinkum, even I can accept that they were hashly done by with the ‘touched’ ball that Alwyn Davey kicked.

If you haven’t seen it, have a look on youtube for it but I have to say that from where I sat, in my lounge room some 800km away, it looked like a clear goal to me and even though the umpires followed their set routine and the field ump asked both the goal and both boundary umps whether they had seen a Port player touch the ball (as they had claimed), the simple fact is that they stuffed up on this occasion.

Not because they may have got it wrong, but because their due process is essentially flawed.

I heard Gieschan trying to justify the decision on SEN during the week, suggesting that the process was  followed because in the past, when these sorts of incidents have come up, they have had egg on their collective faces.

Essentially what happened was that Davey kicked the ball through the big sticks and everyone thought he had kicked the goal but the Port players claimed the ball was touched.  The field umpy consulted with the other 3 umpires to see if anyone saw the ball touched, which none said they did, and the score was eventually given as a point.

See something wrong in this scenario.

EVERYONE saw the ball kicked through the goals but NO-ONE  – NO-ONE saw the ball touched.

Ergo, does it not make sense that the score should have been a goal, given that none of the three umpires could definitely say that the ball was touched?

No – Gieschan’s boys decide to err on the side of caution and give it a point ONLY on the basis that some bloke claims it touched his shoulder on the way through.  See the problem here??  See the precedent that has been set here?  Imagine a shot from 50m out that sails through goal post high from NUTS Riewoldt and some geezer cretin like Nick Maxwell says it flipped his finger tips on the way through.  Because of precedent, the goal ump MUST consult all three umpires and because NONE of them can categorically say they saw it touched, the goal umpire is OBLIGATED to give it a point and the Saints miss the finals by .03%

I know that’s taking the problem to the nth degree here but that’s the problem with stupid rules and ridiculous interpretations.  Surely they should have erred on the side of caution and awarded a goal.

I hate Essendon as much as any other normal-thinking supporter, but they were jibbed on this one.


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